Our Menu

Please tell to our member of staff if you have any allergy about food.
Edamame £3.00

Boiled green soybeans

Yakitori £4.00

Grilled chicken in skewered

Hiyayakko £4.00

Cold tofu with spring onion & ginger & dried bonito

Ohitashi £4.30

Boiled spinach with dried bonito

Agedashi Tofu £4.50

Deep fried tofu with tempura source

*contained spring onion*

Nasu Agedashi £4.50

Deep fried aubergine with tempura source

*contained spring onion *

Spinach with Sesame £4.50

Boiled spinach with sesame

*contained sesame seeds*

Green Salad £4.50

Fresh mixed green vegetables

Tofu Salad £6.00

Fresh tofu & vegetable with dressing & dried bonito

Seaweed Salad £6.50

Mixed seaweed with sesame dressing

*contained sesame seeds*


Tuna Salad £7.00

Fresh chopped tuna & small fish roe with mayonnaise

Salmon Salad £7.00

Fresh salmon fillets with dressing

Gyoza (Chicken) £5.30

Grilled Japanese dumpling

Vegetable Gyoza £5.30

Grilled vegetable dumpling

Torikaraage £5.50

Deep fried chicken with ginger spice

Octopus Fritter £5.50

Deep fried octopus

Nasu Dengaku £6.50

Deep fried and Grilled Aubergine with Miso paste

*contained sesame seeds*


Prawn Gyoza £6.30

Grilled Prawn Dumpling

Sushi Rolls
Cucumber roll £3.00
Avocado roll £3.00
Pickles roll £3.00
Salmon roll £4.00
Tuna roll £4.00
Salmon & Avocado roll £4.50

*contained Sesame seeds*

Tuna & Avocado roll £4.50

*contained Sesame seeds*

Salmon & Spring onion roll £4.50

*contained Sesame seeds*

Tuna & Spring onion roll £4.50

*contained Sesame seeds*

Grilled Salmon skin roll £4.50

Grilled Salmon Skin with Spring onion

*contained Sesame seeds*

Prawn Mayonnaise roll £4.50

Cooked Prawn with Mayonnaise

*contained Sesame seeds, Mayonnaise*

California roll £5.00

Avocado and Crab stick and Small fish row with Mayonnaise

*contained Sesame seeds, Mayonnaise*

Vegetable roll £5.00

*Contained Sesame seeds*

Spicy Tuna roll £5.50

Tuna with Spicy Mayonnaise

*Contained Mayonnaise*

Spicy Salmon roll £5.50

Salmon with Spicy mayonnaise

*Contained Mayonnaise*

Prawn Tempura roll £5.50

Deep fried Prawn Tempura with Mayonnaise and Spring onion

*Contained Mayonnaise*

Eel & Cucumber roll £5.50

Grilled Eel and Cucumber

*contained Sesame seeds*

Yellow tail & Spring onion roll £6.00

Yellow tail with Spring onion

*Contained Sesame seeds*

Crab meat & Cucumber roll £6.50

Real crab meat with Mayonnaise and Cucumber

*Contained Sesame seeds, Mayonnaise*

Deep fried Yellow tail roll £6.50

Deep fried Yellow tail with Spring onion and Mayonnaise

*contained Sesame seeds, Mayonnaise*

Spicy Scallop roll £6.50

Scallop with Spicy mayonnaise

*contained sesame seeds ,Mayonnaise*

Deep fried Chicken roll £7.00

Deep fried Chicken with Mayonnaise

*Contained Sesame seeds, Mayonnaise*

Spider roll £9.50

Deep fried Soft shell crab with Avocado,Egg,Cucumber,Red ginger.

*Contained Sesame seeds, Mayonnaise*

Inari zushi £4.30

Sushi rice in fried bean curd

*contained Sesame seeds*

Extra ginger £1.00
Sashimi Menu
Salmon Sashimi (7pcs) £12.00
Tuna Sashimi (7pcs) £12.00
Tuna and Salmon Sashimi (4 pcs each) £13.50
3 Assorted Sashimi (9pcs) £14.00
5 Assorted Sashimi (15 pcs) £17.00
Yellow Tail Sashimi (5 pcs) £12.50
Special Sashimi (21 pcs) £28.00
Sushi Menu
Crab stick nigiri £1.50
Egg nigiri £1.50
Squid nigiri £1.80
Octopus nigiri £1.80
Mackerel nigiri £1.80
Small Fish Roe nigiri £1.80
Prawn nigiri £1.80
Surf Clam nigiri £1.80
White Tuna nigiri £1.80
Tuna nigiri £2.00
Salmon nigiri £2.00
Sea bream nigiri £2.20
Sea bass nigiri £2.20
Sweet prawn nigiri £2.20
Eel nigiri £2.20
Grilled Salmon nigiri £2.20
Salmon roe nigiri £2.50
Yellowtail nigiri £2.50
Fatty Salmon nigiri £2.50
Scallop nigiri £2.50
Sushi Special £16.50

10 pieces Assorted Sushi nigiri

Sushi Regular £12.50

6 pieces Sushi nigiri and Sushi roll (6 pcs)

5 Assorted Sushi nigiri £8.50

5 pieces Sushi nigiri

Chirashi zushi £18.00

Assorted raw fish fillets on Sushi rice

Chef’s Special Sushi £24.00

14 pieces Chef’s selected Sushi nigiri

Main Dishes
Chicken Teriyaki £8.50

Grilled chicken with teriyaki sauce

*contained sesame seeds*

Salmon Teriyaki £9.50

Grilled salmon with teriyaki sauce

Tofu Steak £7.50

Grilled tofu with teriyaki sauce

*contained spring onion*

Vegetable Tempura £8.00

Deep fried mixed vegetable tempura

Mix Tempura £8.50

Deep fried mixed tempura

Prawn Tempura £10.50

Deep fried prawn tempura

Grilled Mackerel £9.00

Grilled salted Mackerel

Chicken Katsu £9.50

Deep fried chicken fillets

Black Cod £25.00

Grilled miso pasted Black cod

Nabeyaki Udon £12.00

White noodle with tempura & vegetable on pot

*contained egg,spring onion*

Miso Soup £2.00

Soy bean soup with seaweed , tofu ,spring onion

Rice £2.00

Steamed White rice

Mixed Pickles £3.50

Assorted mixed pickles

Set Dinners
Chicken Teriyaki Set Dinner £17.00

Chicken teriyaki, Starter, salad, Appetizers, miso soup, rice, dessert.

*contained sesame seeds*

Salmon Teriyaki Set Dinner £17.50

Salmon teriyaki, Starter, salad, Appetizers, miso soup, rice, dessert.

Tempura Set Dinner £18.50

Mixed tempura, starter, salad, Appetizers, miso soup, rice, dessert.

Sashimi Set Dinner £21.80

Assorted sashimi, starter, salad,Appetizers, miso soup, rice, dessert.

Sushi Set Dinner £21.80

Assorted sushi, starter, salad, Appetizers, miso soup, dessert.

Japanese Sake (Warm)-Small £3.80
Japanese Sake (Warm)-Large £7.60
Cold Sake – Glass £5.50
Cold Sake – Bottle £22.00
Bamboo Sake – Small £7.00
Bamboo Sake – Large £14.00
Masuzake £4.00

Sake in wooden cup (room temperature)

Plum wine- Glass £5.50
Plum wine- Bottle £22.00
Shocyu (with hot water) £4.50
Chu high £4.80

with Apple juice or Cranberry juice or better lemmon

Japanese Beer – 330ml £4.50

Kirin, Asahi,Sapporo

Pinot Grigio – Glass £5.50
Pinot Grigio – Bottle £22.00
Soave – Glass £6.00
Soave – Bottle £24.00
Macon Village – Glass £7.00
Macon Village – Bottle £28.00
Chianti – Bottle £24.00
Soft Drink £1.90

Coke,Diet Coke,Lemonade,Orange Juice,Apple Juice,

Calpico £2.00
Green Tea (Pot) £1.50
Green Tea Icecream £3.00
Black Sesame Icecream £3.00
Chestnuts Icecream £3.00

*contained nuts*

Chicken Katsu Set Lunch £9.50

Chicken Katsu, Rice, Miso Soup.

Salmon Teriyaki Set Lunch £9.50
Spicy Karaage don £8.00

Chicken Karaage and some Vegetable in Rice  with Spicy source

Sushi Set Lunch £11.00

Assorted Sushi ,Miso soup

Sashimi Set Lunch £12.00

Assorted Sashimi , Rice, Miso soup